HCPS Textbook 2B

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 2B.

diūthrow; put aside

guāiclever; violate

zhēngcontend; dispute

qīnparents; relative

shānginjury; hurt

eldest among brothers; uncle

xìntrue; trustworthy

jièborrow; lend

enrol; income

jiǎnscissors; cut off

jiāput one thing on top of another; put in


tīngoffice; hall

cānenter; consult

shūa form of address for a man slightly younger than one's father; a form of address for a man slightly younger than one's father

sentence; measure word for sentences

throw up; disgorge

chǎonoisy; make a noise

gàoreport; inform

zhōucircumference; move round

breathe out; bend

alas; giggle

wéiall sides; enclose

chùplace; department

evening; grow dark

strange; unexpected

shǐstart; begin

baby; young and pretty girl

bǎotreasure; precious

rónghold; tolerate

fēngboundary; in imperial times, confer upon


cloth; a copper coin in ancient times

píngflat; flatten

wāncurved; bend

cǎicolour; variety

yǐngshadow; reflection

guàistrange; wonder at

zǒngassemble; total

qíngfeeling; love

gǎnfeel; be grateful

zhébreak; die

qiǎngrob; vie for

draw; draw

pīnpiece/put together to form a bigger whole; spell

dig; scratch with one's fingernail

carry; lift

hang over; put up

zhāipick; select

feel; grope for

have no difficulty in doing things; amiable

jīngbright; quartz

gèngfurther; more

tip; minor details

jiàframe; prop up

àntable; wooden saucer for serving meals

mènghallucinatory experience that occurs during sleep when part of the cerebral cortex is still in action;dream

chess or any board game; chess piece

sēnfull of trees; multitudinous

order; rest stop

compare; close together

huólive; save

mǎnfull; satisfied

piàocome to nothing; rinse

dēnglight; apparatus used to give heat by burning liquid or gas


jade; pure


ceremony; courtesy

piàoticket; ballot paper

tóngchild; young servant

lánbasket; basket

feather; wings

cōngfaculty of hearing; acute of hearing

néngability; able

jiǎofoot; base


miáoyoung plant; offspring

bitter; painful

yīngflower; hero

juéwake; become aware/awakened

shíhave a sense of; know

tell; complain

speak; language

sàimatch; have a competition/contest

gēnfollow; heel


duǒavoid; go into hiding

jiàocontrast; used to introduce the object of comparison

zhuīchase; trace

xuǎnselect; elect

biànall over; once through

dàoroad; channel

yuàncourtyard; a designation for certain government offices and public places

guǎnaccommodation for guests; embassy

shǒuhead; highest


praise; promise

mud; mashed mass

nándifficult; make things difficult for somebody