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  • 1

    n.tray; plate; dish; something in the shape, or with the function, of a plate; ancient washbasin or washbowl

    • wǒ mǎi le yī gè shā lā pán


      I bought a salad plate.

    • zhè ge xiàn bǐng pán hěn hǎo kàn


      That's a nice pie plate.

    • wǒ gěi wǒ jiā xiǎo hái mǎi le gè sù liào pán


      I bought a plastic plate for my kid.

  • 2

    v.wind; coil

    • shé néng jiāng shēn zi pán qǐ lai huò zhě pán zài shù zhī shang


      A snake can coil itself up or coil around a branch.

    • bǎ shéng zi pán qǐ lai fàng hǎo


      Coil up the rope and put it away.

    • tā bǎ zì jǐ de biàn zi pán qǐ lai le


      She coiled up her braids.

  • 3

    v.examine; look into; check

    • pán gēn jiū dǐ

      try to get to the heart of a matter

    • pán kù

      take inventory in the warehouse

    • pán wèn

      make an enquiry

  • 4

    measure wordgame; set

    • xià yī pán qí

      play a game of chess

  • 5 quotation; current price

    • kāi pán

      opening quotation

  • 6

    v.transfer the ownership of

    • pán diàn

      transfer the ownership of a shop

    • chū pán


  • 7

    v.carry; transport

    • pán yùn


  • 8

    v.construct; build

    • pán kàng

      build a kang

    • pán zào

      build a brick cooking range

Words and phrases with 盘

  • 盘陀
    [word]uneven; tortuous
  • 盘山
    [word]wind up a mountain
  • 盘羊
  • 盘问
  • 盘桓
    [word]stay; wind round and round
  • 盘星
  • 盘石
    [word]now written as 磐石
  • 盘道
    [word]winding mountain road
  • 盘整
    [word]make slow, small adjustment in a given scope; readjust
  • 盘根错节
    [idiom]interwoven roots and stems; complex
  • 盘根究底
    [idiom]get to the bottom of things
  • 盘龙卧虎
    [idiom]crouching dragons and hidden tigers
  • 盘根问底
    [idiom]get to the heart/root of a matter
  • 盘踞要津
    [idiom]hold a place of importance
  • 盘龙之癖
    [idiom]excessive fondness of gambling
  • 盘石之固
    [idiom]a sound basis on which friendship or affection, etc. rests
  • 盘马弯弓
    [idiom]make a show of intimidation without springing into action at once

Word usage

  • "盘" is often matched with measure word "个".
    • one plate

Similar-form characters to 盘

Chinese Characters with pinyin pán

  • monolith
  • used as a component of 蹒跚
  • curl
  • piece of split bamboo or chopped wood; piece of land
  • tray