Yu Wen Grade 3(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 3(A).

fēngabundant; great

note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 7 in numbered musical notation; mark to show where something is to be added in writing

zhēngcontend; dispute

fell; attack

kind; precedent

tōusteal; thief

àoarrogant; proud and unyielding

línginvade; rise high

fèngphoenix; a surname

liúa surname

put forth; protrude

gōucancel; draw

shiused as a component of 钥匙

yìnprint; conform

serious; rigorous

hòurich or strong in flavour; thick

zhàoconvene; monastery


jūnmonarch; gentleman

tūnswallow; take possession of

yínsong; chant

zhīa creaking sound of small animals

dāislow witted; blank

zánwe; I

yànswallow; hold back words or anger and not let it out.


dam; dyke


zōngancestor; clan

xuānproclaim; drain off

qiángpowerful; strengthen

jìngfootpath; way

bēisorrowful; be compassionate

jièguard against; warn

yángraise; short for Yangzhou

bànact as; put on an expression

dǒutremble; shake

chāitake apart; dismantle

áisuffer; drag out

zhènshake; brace up

lüètake up; scud

tuīpush; cut

shuāifall; hurtle down

xiétilt; inclined

ax; a kind of weapon in ancient China

jiùused; past

qu; song


zōngpalm; palm fibre

chǔclear; pain


chéngorange tree; fruit of the orange tree

cándamage; cruel

duànsection; break

hànthe Galaxy; Han Dynasty



low-lying area; sink

spread on; scrawl


ránburn; ignite

fànoffend; criminal

yóujust as; still

shēnextend; state

narrow one's eyes; take a nap

jìnprohibit; imprison

piccolo; whistle

gruel; stick with paste

liànwhite silk; boil and scour raw silk

shàocarry on; a place in Zhejiang Province

bīnused as a component of 缤纷

suōcontract; draw back

punish; punishment


wèistomach; one of the 28 constellations of the celestial sphere


yàngorgeous; amorous

jīngstalk; a thing like a stem or stalk

huānguncultivated; wasteland

róngmelt; blend

shuàiused as a component of 蟋蟀

used as a component of 蟋蟀

shangused as a component of 衣裳

yòuguide; lure

sòngread aloud; state

read aloud/out; read

comfortable; happy

zènggive as a present



liáoLiao Dynasty; the Liaohe River


saw; cut with a saw

kuòlong in distance/time; wide


yùnmusical sound; rhyme

chǐ齿tooth; a tooth-like part of anything

jièlie between; take seriously

juǎnroll up; sweep along/up/off

used as a component of 喇叭