HCPS Textbook 3A

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 3A.

lift; start

crow; a surname

hand/turn over

huǒgroup of ten soldiers; partner

bàncompanion; keep somebody company

jiànhealthy; strengthen

bàngdraw near; be close to

jūnarmy; army

zhǔnstandard; in accordance with

gāngfirm; exactly

put forth; protrude

huàchange; melt

wèidefend; security guard

take into account; catch up

take; aim at

hàocall; transmit

department; manage

míngname; give a name

inhale; absorb

hǎnshout; call

bèibe equipped with; prepare

duplicate; compound

xìngone's surname is; surname

sister-in-law; mother's sister

shísolid; true

chángtaste; try

zhǎnopen up; prolong

hope; rare

yòuyoung; firstborn

kāngwell-being; broad

nòngplay/fool with; do

qiángpowerful; strengthen

dāngequal; work as

xíngbody; form

consider; long for

guànbe in the habit of; spoil

idea; desire

yuànhonest and cautious;hope

huòsomeone; maybe

rēngthrow; throw away

drape over one's shoulder; open

ànpress; put aside

tuīpush; cut

bǎiput; list

zhuànghit; act rashly

gǎichange; correct

wànglook/gaze into the distance; plenilune

plum; plum tree

shùbind; control

gēnroot; offspring


shòuthin; lean

gàilid; umbrella


duǎnbrief; lack

ǎishort; low

be broken; break down

good fortune; make a curtsy

branch of academic or vocational study; division/subdivision of an administrative unit

dash out of a cave; abruptly

guǎntube; wind instrument

piāna piece of writing; a sheet of paper

rough; wide

tie; series

jǐntight; firm

liànwhite silk; boil and scour raw silk

thin; in small particles

fānturn over/around; search

zhěone who;

bèi hòu背后back; behind somebody's back


nǎobrain; brains

tuǐleg; leglike support

skill; art

bud; any object that looks like a sprout


liàngforgive; I believe

tiēpaste; keep close to

yuèjump over; go through

inclination; interest

liàngmeasure word of vehicle

jìnnear; approaching

chíslow; late

tuì退retreat; cause to move back


zhōngbell; clock

cuògrindstone for polishing jade; polish jade

attach; get close to

chénlay out; state

péikeep somebody company; assist from the sidelines

leaf; page

subject; inscribe

yáncolour; face

xiāndelicacy; seafood


zhuàngstrong; magnificent

jiǎohorn; antenna

juǎnroll up; sweep along/up/off

jiāngsupport; take care of

bēi zhe背着carry on the back