xīn zhào bù xuān

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  • slboth understand from their hearts what the matter is but don’t choose to say so in public; have a tacit (mutual) understanding

    • xīn zhào bù xuān de xiào


      knowing smile

    • wǒ men bǐ cǐ xīn zhào bù xuān


      We have a tacit understanding with each other.

    • yǒu jǐ gè rén xīn zhào bù xuān de bǐ cǐ duì wàng le yī yǎn


      Some of the others furtively exchanged significant glances.

    • dān hé tā xīn zhào bù xuān de jiāo huàn le yī xià yǎn shén


      Dan exchanged a knowing look with her.