HCPS Textbook 6B

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 6B.

silk; threadlike thing

sànglose; die

ceremony; gift

remain;more than

chǔstore up; heir

yǔnpermit; fair

yuānwrong; fool

deputy; assistant

shàtall building; back veranda

auspicious; short for Jilin Province

diàocondole; hang

hǒushout; roar


zhǔenjoin; entrust

chuídroop; flow downward

zòuperform; produce

yāogoblin; evil and fraudulent

pleasure; give pleasure to

gōngimperial palace; the first note in ancient Chinese music, equivalent to "doe"

chessboard; game

jièexpire; session

God; emperor

width of cloth, silk; size

huànunreal; magical

government repository; government office


apprentice; believer

yōusorrow; worry

qiàjust; appropriate

kěnearnestly; request


zhíhold; bill of warrant


chāocopy; plagiarize

zhēngstruggle; stab

niēpinch; knead

dǎopound with a pestle, etc.; strike

tāodig; draw out

róurub; roll

sōulook for; search

zhèngpolitics; political/state power

zànbrief; temporarily

lǎnglight; loud and clear

quánsliding/steelyard weight; power


wǎngcrooked; distort

lánrailing; pen

cándamage; cruel

huǐdestroy; burn up

finish; altogether

wāngdeep and vast; puddle

jīnsaliva; sweat

húnmuddy; muddle-headed

multiply; increase

bàoexplode; occur unexpectedly

bǎnprinting plate; edition

shēnextend; state

huánggrand; emperor

qiáolook; see a doctor

zhuānhandy-sized unit of building material, made from moist clay baked in a kiln, gen. in the shape of a rectangular or square block; brick-shaped things

shèagency; people's commune

land tax; money or kind received from something rented

qièsteal; thief

zhāngchapter; order

duānend; beginning

jīnmuscle; tendon

zhēnga 21- or 25-stringed plucked instrument similar to a zither

book; native place

suǒthick rope or chain; search

huǎnrelaxed; slow

zhàocover; shade

zhìplace; set up

zhàngexpand; swell

téngrise; gallop



hángboat; navigate

ruòappear; you

huānguncultivated; wasteland

dàngswing; loaf about

consider; concern

chùtouch; stir up sb.'s feelings


yòuguide; lure

sòngread aloud; state

gòngpay tribute to the court by a subject or a vassal state; articles of tribute

pínpoor; deficient

guànpass through; be linked together

zhuàngain; profit

diǎnstand on tiptoe

crime; betray

zhúpursue; expel

zāomeet with; time

jiànbolt; a device, usually a rectangular steel piece, inserted in prefabricated grooves to lock together mechanical parts, such as shafts and gears or belt pulleys

hungry; having a famine

shìadorn; decorations

xīnpervasive fragrance

guǐghost; used to form a term of abuse for ignoble character

devil; wicked force

yūndizzy; swoon