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  • 1

    n.chapter; verse; section

    • piān zhāng

      sections and chapters

    • yuè dú kè běn dì yī zhāng dào dì wǔ zhāng


      Read chapters 1 to 5 of the textbook.

    • yuè zhāng


  • 2

    n.rules; regulations; constitution

    • wéi zhāng

      break rules and regulations

    • dǎng zhāng

      party constitution

    • guī zhāng


  • 3


    • zá luàn wú zhāng


      There is no order.

  • 4

    n.stamp; seal

    • yìn zhāng


    • gōng zhāng

      official seal

    • gài zhāng

      affix a seal to something

  • 5

    n.badge; insignia

    • jiǎng zhāng


    • lǐng zhāng

      collar badge

    • bì zhāng


  • 6

    n.Zhang, a surname

  • 7

    n.clause; item

    • yuē fǎ sān zhāng

      agree on a threeßpoint law

Words and phrases with 章

  • 章节
    [word]chapters and sections
  • 章则
    [word]rules and regulations
  • 章绣
    [word]figured embroidery
  • 章回小说
    [word]chapter-styled novel
  • 章句
    [word]chapters, sections, sentences and phrases in ancient texts; syntactic and semantic analysis of ancient texts
  • 章度
  • 章回体
    [word]type of traditional Chinese novels with captions for each chapter
  • 章动
  • 章程
    [word]constitution; solution

Word usage

  • "章" is often matched with measure word "枚".
    • one medal

Similar-form characters to 章

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhāng

  • draw; tense
  • name of a river originating in Shanxi province and emptying into Hubei province; name of a river in Fujian province
  • clear; cite
  • camphor tree
  • used as a component of 蟑螂