Yu Wen Grade 2(B)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 2(B).

wángflee; lose

eldest among brothers; uncle

dǎofall; collapse

chōngsufficient; fill

miǎndismiss; avoid


xiōnginauspicious; famine

lièarrange; rank

rule; standard

engrave; a quarter

lavatory; mingle with

xiāngcompartment; area close to a city

shàtall building; back veranda

chúchef; kitchen

diāohold in the mouth

close; join

breathe out; bend


shāngShang Dynasty , founded by Tang; businessman

chuǎnbreathe hard/heavily; asthma

alas; giggle

juànshed or pen to raise pigs, sheep, etc.

tǎnwide and smooth; candid


shěnaunt; form of address for a married woman younger than one's mother

shěnexamine; careful

abode; imply

niào尿urine; urinate

fart; bosh

shǐexcrement; secretion


yuèhappy; please

kind; love


jiésever; check

qiǎngrob; vie for

pīnpiece/put together to form a bigger whole; spell

kòngaccuse; control

chāstick; interpose

chēngsupport; push or move with a pole

zhuànghit; act rashly

gōngattack; accuse

already; since

hūndusk; dim


shǎngnoon; part of the day

xiǎodawn; know

qiāngspear; rifle

àntable; wooden saucer for serving meals

péngcanopy, awning or shelter of reed mats, etc.; shed

xiàngoak; rubber tree

this; now

mother; one's female elders

finish; altogether


qiǎnshallow; simple

jiāoburnt; dry

láoenclosure for animals; sacrificial animal

hěnruthless; suppress

bānclass; shift

exhausted; slump

mill; grind

xuécave; hole

dash out of a cave; abruptly

zhǎinarrow; petty

yáokiln; porcelain baked in a famous kiln

cave; den


jìngfinish; throughout

jīnmuscle; tendon

wēngold man; father


respectful; solemn

thigh; section


róngfine and soft; young pilose antler

yàomedicine; cure with medicine

luóspiral shell; whorl

repair; fill up

shìlook at; regard

record; remember

shìtry; examination

huìteach; seduce

tānhave an insatiable desire for; seek

fèicost; fee

zànsupport; assist the master of ceremonies


hōngbang; rumble

xǐngregain consciousness; wake up


kàolean against; stand by the side of

leaf; page

tuócarry/bear on the back

refute; transport by lighter/barge

jiàride; drive

can; conquer

fānglane; memorial arch

dǎngkeep off; shelter from

zuāndrill; study intensively