Yu Wen Grade 3(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 3(A).

línface; arrive

breast; feed with milk

inferior; Asia


yōuample; give preferential/special treatment

wěitall and big; great


side; lean

ǒuhuman figure made of wood or clay; partner

diǎnstandard work of scholarship; regulations

còutake advantage of; move/come close

níngcongeal; intently

huángfemale phoenix


attack; touch

huárow; be to one's profit


boused as a component of 萝卜

qīngsenior official; form of address for a court official used by the emperor in imperial China

yànbe fed up with; be disgusted with


tángexaggerative; for nothing


zhāaye; chatter


base; basic

zòuperform; produce

miàoexquisite and ingenious; excellent

xiàofilial piety; mourning


suitable; suit

rich; enrich

ěrso; that

yáncliff; rock

storehouse; arsenal

tínghall; front courtyard/yard

rěnbear; bring oneself to

angry; be angry

qiāosilent; depressed

chóube anxious; melancholy

lǒngclose; approach

gǎodo; get

xiǎnapparent; show

liàngdry in the air; dry in the sun

bàosudden and violent; cruel

wèithe eeighth of the 12 Earthly Branches; not yet

cáitimbe; material

zǎoChinese date

shāothin end of a twig; thin end of a long narrow thing

róngChinese banyan

pattern; fine example

qiànyawn; lack


military; of attack and defence

huìconverge; gather together

wāngdeep and vast; puddle

zhānmoisten; be stained with

jìnsoak; saturate

bīnbrink; be close to

father; male relative of a senior generation

lièhunt; seek

guīrare; jade-like stone

chàngsmooth; free

fēngmad; play wilfully

pántray; wind

mángblind; one who lacks knowledge

cǎitake notice of

shùnwink; twinkling


fènexcrement; apply manure

huǎnrelaxed; slow

shuǎplay; play

yīngflower; hero

luótrailing plants

cattail; calamus


dǒuused as a component of 蝌蚪


used as a component of 蝌蚪

tǎorule; send armed forces to suppress

shèset up; place

fǎng访consult; seek by inquiry or search

zǎiyear; write down

bèithe like; generation


diàofish with a hook and line; pursue

shelf; pavilion

chúget rid of; divide

ráolet somebody off; rich

è饿hungry; starve

chángreedy; be covetous of




used as a component of 鹦鹉

yīngused as a component of 鹦鹉

black; numerous

reply officially to a petition; slap

chàdiffer from; be less than