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  • 1

    adj.grieved; sorrowful; mournful; pitiful; bewailing; doleful; sad

    • āi míng

      plaintive whine

    • kū shēng shèn āi


      The sound of sobbing was truly pitiful.

    • āi sī

      sad memories of the deceased

  • 2

    n.grief; sorrow

    • xǐ nù āi lè

      the gamut of human feeling

    • jǔ āi sān tiān

      go into mourning for three days

    • bēi āi


  • 3

    v.pity; sympathize; have compassion for

    • āi jīn

      sympathize with

  • 4

    v.fmlmourn; grieve; lament; condolence

    • āi dào

      express one's condolences

    • āi yīng xióng zhī gù


      lament the death of a her

  • 5

    adv.sorrowfully; pitifully

    • āi tàn

      sigh sorrowfully

Words and phrases with 哀

  • 哀悯
    [word]feel pity for
  • 哀戚
  • 哀告
    [word]beseech; speak about one's grievance
  • 哀婉
  • 哀切
    [word]sad and wretched
  • 哀骀
    [word]a surname
  • 哀子
    [word]son bereaved of his mother
  • 哀矜
    [word]feel compassion for
  • 哀悼
  • 哀毁骨立
    [idiom]be emaciated with grief over the loss of one's parents
  • 哀而不伤
    [idiom]be mournful but not distressing; be plaintive but not depressing
  • 哀矜勿喜
    [idiom]expend sympathy rather than be glad
  • 哀喜交并
    [idiom]grief and joy intermingled
  • 哀哀欲绝
    [idiom]extremely grieved
  • 哀感顽艳
    [idiom]be so plaintive as to touch the hearts of both the slow-witted and the sensitive
  • 哀鸿遍野
    [idiom]disaster victims moaning everywhere
  • 哀兵必胜
    [idiom]an army under heavy pressure and burning with indignation is sure to win
  • 哀乐相生
    [idiom]Grief and joy reciprocally produce each other.

Similar-form characters to 哀

Chinese Characters with pinyin āi

  • dust; angstrom
  • ah; hey
  • yeah;
  • by turns; be close to
  • now written as 唉