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  • 1

    n.disease; illness; sickness

    • tā rǎn shang bìng le

      He contracted a disease.

    • nǐ kě néng dé bìng le


      You may be ill.

    • tā de bìng zhì hǎo le

      He is cured of his disease.

    • màn xìng bìng


      chronic disease

  • 2

    v.fall ill; be sick; be taken ill

    • tā bìng le

      He is ill.

    • wǒ bìng le yī gè yuè

      I have been ill for a month.

    • tā bìng le tiān


      He was ill for three days.

  • 3

    n.fault; defect; weakness; defect

    • yǔ bìng

      ill-chosen expression

    • bù zú wéi bìng

      can't count as a fault

    • tōng bìng

      general fault

  • 4

    v.fmlblame; reproach

    • gòu bìng


Words and phrases with 病

Word usage

  • "病" is often matched with measure word "场"or"次".
    • one disease

    • one disease

Similar-form characters to 病

Chinese Characters with pinyin bìng

  • combine; be side by side
  • brush aside