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  • 1

    n.husband's sister; sister-in-law

    • dà gū zi

      husband's elder sister

    • xiǎo gū zi

      husband's younger sister

  • 2

    n.father's sister; aunt; one's father's sister; aunt

    • dà gū

      father's elder sister

    • biǎo gū

      daughter of grandmother's brother

    • gū mǔ


  • 3

    adv.fmltentatively; for the moment

    • gū niàn

      in consideration of

    • gū qiě

      leave something aside for the moment

    • gū wàng yán zhī

      Let's just say casually.

  • 4

    n.fmlhusband's mother; mother-in-law

    • wēng gū

      one's husband's parents

  • 5

    n.witch; nun; priestess

    • dào gū

      Taoist priestess

    • sān gū liù pó

      women whose professions are either illegitimate or disreputable

    • ní gū


  • 6

    n.maiden; (country) girl

    • cūn gū

      country girl

Words and phrases with 姑

  • 姑姥姥
    [word]sister of one's maternal grandfather
  • 姑息
  • 姑爹
  • 姑爷
    [word]a form of address for a man used by members of his wife's family
  • 姑息迁就
    [word]pacify hostile groups by satisfying their demands with little or no regard for principle
  • 姑夫
    [word]the husband of one's father's sister
  • 姑婆
    [word]husband's paternal aunt; paternal grand-aunt
  • 姑宽
    [word]be too tolerant
  • 姑丈
    [word]the husband of one's father's sister
  • 姑妄言之
    [idiom]say something for what it is worth
  • 姑妄听之
    [idiom]might as well hear somebody out
  • 姑置勿论
    [idiom]shelve a proposal for the moment
  • 姑息养奸
    [idiom]be lenient towards villains and let them grow

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