Zhong wen 6

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Vocabulary of Zhong wen 6.

give; associate with

yánstrict; tight

luàndisorderly; confuse

liǎofinish; completely

liǎo jiě了解understand; investigate

lìngorder; order

zuò pǐn作品works

chuàngachieve; creative

theatrical work; acute

inhale; absorb

xī yǐn吸引attract; suck air or fluid from a body cavity

dì fang地方place; part

kēnghole; bury alive

máibury; conceal

tángmain room of a house; courtroom in a yamen


zēng zhǎng增长grow

duplicate; compound

tàocover; overlap

hàolike; be convenient

husband's sister; father's sister

gū gu姑姑father's sister

sister-in-law; mother's sister

bǎo guì宝贵valuable; value

entrust; depend on

wěitail; one of the 28 constellations into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy

wěi ba尾巴tail; tail-like part

chessboard; game

zhuāngsolemn; a surname

qìngcelebrate; occasion for celebration

qìng zhù庆祝celebrate

kāi shǐ开始begin;set about

yǐndraw a bow; stretch out

tàiform; voice

dāncarry on a shoulder pole; shoulder

dān xīn担心worry; concern

pāibeat; beat

dig; scratch with one's fingernail

jiào táng教堂church

liàomaterial; feed

xīng qī tiān星期天Sunday

xiǎnapparent; show

xiǎn de显得appear

shǔhot; hot weather

gèng jiā更加more

mù ǒu木偶marionette; wooden image

shùmethod; art

jiéprominent; outstanding person

jié chū杰出prominent

square; lattice

gé wài格外all the more; additionally


xīn shǎng欣赏appreciate; like

máo bìng毛病defect; shortcoming

zhùpour; concentrate

yǎnperform; drill

zhào gù照顾give consideration to; give preferential treatment

used as a component of 玻璃

bō li玻璃glass; glass-like plastic

used as a component of 玻璃

shēng huó生活live; life

yòng gōng用功work hard; hardworking

nánman; son

zháo mí着迷be captivated


zhī shi知识knowledge; pertaining to knowledge, learning or culture

shéngod; supernatural

tóng huà童话children's stories

fānturn over/around; search

zhěone who;

belly; heart

give birth to; bring up

bèibody's back; back side of an object

skill; art

yì shù艺术art; skill

jié mù节目program

biǎo yǎn表演perform; demonstrate

rèn shi认识know; understanding

shíhave a sense of; know

tānhave an insatiable desire for; seek

guìexpensive; of high rank

grant; tax

shǎnggrant a reward; reward

yóu jú邮局post office

xǐngregain consciousness; wake up

zhōngbell; clock

attach; get close to

fù jìn附近nearby; vicinity

suífollow; along with

diāo sù雕塑sculpt; sculpture

turn round and look; visit

yán liào颜料pigment

zhuàngstrong; magnificent

hope earnestly; cling to

tān wán r贪玩儿be excessively fond of play

xī là希腊Greece

xiāng gǎng香港Hong Kong

níngpeaceful; pacify

nándifficult; make things difficult for somebody

mǐ kāi lǎng jī luó米开朗基罗Michelangelo Buonarroti , a painter, sculptor, architect and poet widely considered one of the most brilliant artists of the Italian Renaissance