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  • 1

    v.attend to; look after; take into consideration

    • zhào gù

      take good care of

    • jiān gù

      give consideration to two or more things

    • tā yī gè rén kàn sān gè hái zi gù bù guò lai


      She can't take care of her three children all by herself.

  • 2

    v.turn round and look (at)

    • huí gù

      look back

    • huán gù

      look around

    • zhān qián gù hòu

      tread as on eggs

  • 3

    v.visit; call on

    • sān gù máo lú


      visit three times

  • 4

    v.patronize; give one's patronage/custom to

    • huì gù


  • 5


    • gù kè


  • 6

    adv.fmlinstead; on the contrary

  • 7

    conj.fmlbut; howeuer; nevertheless

  • 8

    Gu, a surname

Words and phrases with 顾

  • 顾脸
    [word]set great store by one's prestige
  • 顾怜
    [word]care for and show love for
  • 顾问公司
    [word]consultant firm
  • 顾彼失此
    [word]attend to one thing and lose sight of another
  • 顾瞻
    [word]look back
  • 顾全
    [word]show consideration for and take care to preserve
  • 顾主
  • 顾眄
    [word]look round
  • 顾客
  • 顾盼神飞
    [idiom]a look of quick intelligence and soft refinement in one's eyes
  • 顾全大局
    [idiom]consider something as a whole
  • 顾虑重重
    [idiom]be encumbered with personal concerns
  • 顾盼生姿
    [idiom]look around in a charming manner
  • 顾此失彼
    [idiom]attend to one thing and lose sight of another
  • 顾名思义
    [idiom]seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function
  • 顾盼自雄
    [idiom]feel complacent
  • 顾影自怜
    [idiom]look at one's shadow and lament one's lot; look at one's reflection and admire oneself

Similar-form characters to 顾

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • reason; so
  • solid; solidify
  • hire; hail
  • chronic; deep-rooted
  • plug with molten metal; confine