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  • 1

    v.avoid as taboo; regard as taboo; dare not say

    • fàn huì

      violate a taboo

    • zhí yán bù huì

      speak frankly

    • gōng rèn bù huì

      confessed to the murder

  • 2

    n.prohibition; forbidden word

    • fàn huì

      break a taboo

    • fàn tā de huì

      Something was said that happened to be taboo with him.

    • wéi zūn zhě huì

      avoid mentioning embarrassing or compromising facts about one's parents or superiors

  • 3

    n.datedname of emperor, high-ranking official, senior member of influential family, etc. and the characters that occurred in such names, which were regarded as taboos in feudal society and which people took care not to mention

    • míng huì

      forbidden name

Words and phrases with 讳

  • 讳忌词
    [word]forbidden word
  • 讳言
    [word]avoid mentioning something
  • 讳忌
  • 讳饰
    [word]conceal the truth
  • 讳莫如深
    [idiom]not breathe a word to a soul
  • 讳疾忌医
    [idiom]avoid seeking medical advice though obviously sick, for fear of facing the unpleasant reality

Similar-form characters to 讳

Chinese Characters with pinyin huì

  • assemble; meet
  • converge; gather together
  • benefit; grant a favour
  • paint; describe
  • fester