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    n.dialfoot; footsie; leg

    • tā de jiǎo má le

      His foot has gone to sleep.

    • nà nǚ hái yī fā pí qi jiù duò jiǎo


      That girl stamps her foot when she is in a passion.

    • tā lèi le jiǎo yě zǒu téng le

      She was tired and footsore.

  • 2

    n.base; lowest part of something

    • gāo jiǎo bēi


    • shān jiǎo

      the foot of a hill

    • zhè zhāng zhuō zi shǎo yī zhī jiǎo


      This desk has one leg missing.

  • 3

    n.(used in connection with manual portage)

    • jiǎo fū


    • jiǎo háng

      portage agent

  • 4

    n.dialdregs; residue; waste material

    • chá jiǎo

      leftover tea and tea leaves

Words and phrases with 脚

Word usage

  • "脚" is often matched with measure word "只"or"双".
    • one foot

    • one pair of feet

Similar-form characters to 脚

Chinese Characters with pinyin jiǎo

  • horn; antenna
  • hand over in; capture
  • disturb; mix
  • rectify; pretend
  • dumpling