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  • v.propose a toast; toast

    • xiāng hù jìng jiǔ


      exchange toasts

    • wǒ xiǎng gēn wǒ men de zhǔ rén jìng jiǔ


      I'd like to raise my glass to our host.

    • dà huǒ xiàng xīn niáng xīn láng jìng jiǔ


      All of us drank a toast to the bride and bridegroom.

Word usage

  • "敬" and "酒" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 在场

      Everyone present toasted to him.

    • 我们已经

      We've already had a toast.

    • 刚才弟弟爷爷

      It was my brother who proposed a toast to my grandfather just now.

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