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  • 1

    v.face; overlook

    • lín hé

      near a river

    • bèi shān lín shuǐ

      face the water and be backed by hills

    • lín jiē

      overlook or face the street

  • 2

    v.arrive; be present

    • lín mén

      close to the door

    • guāng lín


    • lì lín


  • 3

    v.copy (a model of calligraphy or painting)

    • lín tiè

      practise calligraphy after a model

    • lín mó


    • lín huà

      copy a painting

  • 4

    prep.about to; going to

    • lín shuì

      before bed

    • lín xíng

      at the time of execution

    • lín sǐ

      just about to die

  • 5

    v.look down from above

    • jū gāo lín xià

      look down from a height

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  • forest; forestry
  • pour; sprinkle
  • neighbor; neighboring
  • phosphorus
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