HCPS Textbook 5B

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 5B.

bǐngthe third of the ten Heavenly Stems; third

línface; arrive

note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 7 in numbered musical notation; mark to show where something is to be added in writing

chǎnyield; manufacture

亿a hundred million; a hundred thousand

the basic five-man unit of the army in ancient China; five

pèiwear; ornament worn around the waist in ancient China


bèitimes; double

piāninclining to one side; partial

ǒuhuman figure made of wood or clay; partner

volume; copy

nóngagriculture; peasant

fángeneral idea; this mortal world

chūinception; inceptive

prick; assassinate

qíndiligent; work

previous; one by one


shǐhistory; official in charge of historical records

tànsigh; chant

chénghand in/submit/present to a superior; assume

wéionly; yes



péibank up with earth; train

base; basic

China/Chinese ink; ink

jiācarry something under one's arm; press from both sides

wěientrust; committee member

xuānproclaim; drain off

kuānwide; breadth

bend; in the wrong


tent; office of a commanding officer during a war

record; record

that; the other party

huǎngsuddenly; not clear


hènregret; hate

ēngrace; love

èvice; fierce


cánfeel ashamed

kuìashamed; feel ashamed

jiésever; check

throw oneself on; devote

kòubutton up; place a cup, bowl, etc. upside down

niǔwrench; swing

kàngresist; refuse

yōngembrace; gather around

kuòcontract; include

kòngaccuse; control


dòufight; denounce

gòuconstruct; form

róusoft; soften


pàigroup of people with the same stand, viewpoints, work style or lifestyle; manner

jìnsoak; saturate

yǒngwell; rise

hùnmix; pass for

wānbend; gulf

bīnbrink; be close to

tàngburn; warm

ránburn; ignite

hěnruthless; suppress

xiànpresent; show

jiǎbe/rank first; shell

dòusmallpox; vaccine

yǐnstrong interest; addiction

diésmall dish/plate

pray; beg

dǎopray; ask earnestly

zhǎinarrow; petty

tǒnginterconnected system; all

bīnused as a component of 缤纷

luóa net for catching birds; catch birds with a net

wing; assist

jiānshoulder; take on

xiōngthorax; mind

yāowaist; waist

zhìarrive; best

zhùoutstanding; show

shānunlined upper garment; clothes in general

chènline; inside



xiángdetailed; give details

háoperson of extraordinary powers or endowments; bold and unconstrained

wéidisobey; part

zhēhide from view; block

suānsour; grieved

kuòlong in distance/time; wide

xiànbound; restrict

yǐnhide from view; latent

língnought; zero

wánstupid; naughty

éforehead; top part of something

láobe garrulous