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    n.door; gate; entrance; valve; switch; way to do something; knack; hole/opening in human body

    • wǒ měng de yī lā mén kāi le

      I gave the door a sharp pull and it opened.

    • mén kāi le lù chū yī tiáo hūn àn de cháng tōng dào


      The door swung open, disclosing a long dark passage.

    • tā yī huī gē bo zhǐ xiàng mén


      He indicated the door with a sweep of his arm.

  • 2; school (of thought); (religious) sect; referring to a teacher's or master's entrance hall

  • 3

    n.category; class; phylum (of animals or plants)

  • 4

    measure word(for subjects of study, etc.); (for cannons); (for cannons); (for relatives)

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Word usage

  • "门" is often matched with measure word "扇"or"道".
    • one door

    • one door

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