HCPS Textbook 1A

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 1A.

one; another

yī qǐ一起in the same place; together

seven; a Chinese custom to hold a memorial service on every 7th day following a person's death until the 49th day

sānthree; more than two

not; used to reply in the negative

dōngeast; host

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object


shūwrite; style of calligraphy

leused to indicate anticipated or assumed action

èrdifferent; two

five; a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation

rénhuman being; an adult human being

shénused as a component of 什么

he or him; other

use; because of

you; one

eight; eighth

gōngpublic; common

how many; a few

chūproceed from inside to outside; appear

bāowrap; pack

shíten; topmost

noon; the seventh of the twelve Earthly Branches

bànhalf; halfway

chǎnghouse without walls with its roof propped up by posts; depot

depart; be apart from in space or time

kǒumouth; one's taste


approve; can

chīeat; eat

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say

harmonious; gentle

elder brother in a family or subfamily; a term of address for a male relative of one's own generation who is older than one


drink; drink alcohol

four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale

earth; ground

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

the earth; land

shìbachelor; intelligentsia

big; heavy

tàihighest; extreme

tóuhead; hair

nü in ancient Chinese astronomy); female

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

ma; aunt

son and daughter; person

character; courtesy name


it; [used as a meaningless mock object]

ānsecure; calm

chǐChinese unit of measurement equal to a foot or about 1/3 of a metre; ruler

gōngworker; work

sixth of the Heavenly Stems; oneself

shītutor; model

younger brother; younger male cousin

self; one

shǒuhand; person skilled in something

fāngshape with four right angles; place

sun; daytime

zǎomorning; good morning

shìthis; yes

yǒuexist; have

tree; timber

láiarrive; future

the Yellow River; natural or artificial stream of water flowing in a channel

wash; baptize


tooth; ivory

gǒudog; damned

wángking; highest rank of nobility in feudal times

wánplay; object for appreciation

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

eye; look

kànsee; consider

stand; erect

lǎoold; old people

self; from

shétongue; tongue-shaped object

clothing; coating

西west;the occident

yàomain points; important

read aloud/out; read

zǒurun; walk

rise; remove

foot; leg

chēvehicle; tool with wheel and axle

zhèthis; this

inside; inner

méndoor; something that opens and shuts

wènask; ask after

yángsun; the masculine or positive principle in nature


horse; horse, one of the pieces in Chinese chess

fish; a surname

hope earnestly; cling to


hǎogood; friendly

yī biàn一遍one time