Zhong wen 1

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Vocabulary of Zhong wen 1.

one; another

seven; a Chinese custom to hold a memorial service on every 7th day following a person's death until the 49th day

sānthree; more than two

shànghigh place; high grade or high quality

xiàdown; under

not; used to reply in the negative

liǎngtwo; both sides

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object

jiǔnine; many

èrdifferent; two

yúnsay; cloud

five; a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation

wǔ yán liù sè五颜六色colourful

rénhuman being; an adult human being

enrol; income

eight; eighth

liùa note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 5 in numbered musical notation; six

xiěwrite; compose

dōngwinter; rat-tat

chūproceed from inside to outside; appear

shíten; topmost

depart; be apart from in space or time

yòurepeatedly; also

kǒumouth; one's taste

yòuright side; west

yòuright side; west

zuǐ ba嘴巴mouth; area around the mouth

four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale

earth; ground

the earth; land

zuòbe seated; be punished

xiàsummer; Xia Dynasty

duōmuch; exceed the expected/intended quantity

big; heavy

tiānsky; day

tóuhead; hair

ma; aunt

mā ma妈妈mom; mother

character; courtesy name

it; [used as a meaningless mock object]

xiǎosmall; of short duration

shānhill; something like a mountain

zuǒthe left side; east

zuǒthe left side; east

mángbusy; hurry

self; one

shǒuhand; person skilled in something

sun; daytime

chūnspring; a year

chūn tiān春天spring; an environment full of hope and energy

shìthis; yes

zuìmost;number one

yuèthe moon; month

yǒuexist; have

tree; timber

láiarrive; future

láiarrive; future

shuǐwater; a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc.

shuǐwater; a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc.

huǒfire; firearms

niúcattle; stubborn or arrogant

tiánfield; an area rich in reserves or deposits

diànlightning; electricity

bǎihundred; all

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

eye; look

shírock; stone inscription

standing grain; millet

qiūharvest season; autumn

stand; erect

hóngred; red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions

yángsheep; a surname

ěrear; any ear-like thing

self; from

expression; scene

huāflower; ornamental plant

cǎograss; straw

lánblue; indigo plant

chónginsect; person with a certain kind of undesirable quality

jiànsee; meet

shuōspeak; explain

zǒurun; walk

foot; leg

shēn zi身子body; pregnancy

chánglong; length


xuěsnow; snow-like

yán sè颜色color;action taken to warn or punish somebody

fēngwind; practice

horse; horse, one of the pieces in Chinese chess

fish; a surname

niǎobird; penis

huángyellow; the Yellow River

hēiblack; dark

báiwhite; clean

xiě zì写字write

zhōngcentre; in

zhōngcentre; in

shǎofew; be short of

绿green; turn green