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  • 1

    n.life-span; life

    • jiù rén yī mìng

      save a life

    • tā suàn shì jiǎn huí le yī tiáo mìng


      He is considered to recover a life.

    • sǐ yú fēi mìng

      die of violence or accident

  • 2

    n.destiny; fate; lot; fortune

    • mìng hǎo

      be born under a lucky star

    • kǔ mìng

      hard lot

    • suàn mìng

      tell somebody's fortune

  • 3

    v.command; order; instruction

    • dài mìng

      await orders

    • mìng jià

      order your carriage

    • mìng lìng


  • 4

    v.assign (a name, title, etc.)

    • mìng yì

      assign a theme

    • mìng tí

      assign a topic

    • mìng míng

      give a name

Words and phrases with 命

Word usage

  • "命" is often matched with measure word "条".
    • one life

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