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  • 1 broken; be damaged

    • píng zi pò le


      The bottle was broken.

    • nà gè hé zi bèi tā dǎ pò le


      That box was damaged by him.

    • hǎn pò sǎng zi


      shout oneself hoarse

  • 2

    v.break down; damage

    • pò fǔ chén zhōu

      break the cauldrons and sink the boats

    • bāng wǒ pò kāi xī guā


      Help me cut up the watermelon.

    • pò huài


  • 3

    v.get rid of; destroy; break with; break through

    • tū pò

      break through

    • yào gǎn yú dǎ pò cháng guī


      We should have the courage to break with convention.

    • xué xiào pò gé lù qǔ le tā


      The school makes an exception to let him to enroll.

  • 4

    v.defeat; capture (a city, etc.)

    • chéng pò zhī rì

      the day the city fell

    • dà pò dí rén


      crush the enemy

  • 5

    v.break; split; cleave

    • shì rú pò zhú

      like splitting a bamboo

  • 6


    • pò chāo

      spend money

    • pò fèi

      go to some expense

  • 7

    v.expose the truth of; lay bare

    • kàn pò

      see through

    • pò àn

      solve a case

  • 8

    v.change (money)

    • yī bǎi yuán dà piào pò bù kāi


      A hundred yuan ticket can't be broken.

  • 9

    adj.poor; bad; paltry; lousy; shabby

    • shuí kàn nà pò xì

      Who's watching that shit!


Words and phrases with 破

  • 破碎
    [word]be broken; crush
  • 破产
    [word]bankruptcy; go bankrupt
  • 破网
    [word]score a goal
  • 破旧
    [word]old and shabby
  • 破坏
    [word]destroy/wreck/ruin; disrupt
  • 破的
    [word]speak to the point
  • 破格
    [word]break the restriction of prescribed rules
  • 破涕
    [word]stop crying
  • 破碎机
  • 破门而入
    [idiom]break into houses
  • 破烂不堪
    [idiom]torn and tattered
  • 破涕为笑
    [idiom]smile one's tears away
  • 破镜重圆
    [idiom]retie a loose marriage knot
  • 破釜沉舟
    [idiom]break the cauldrons and sink the boats —cut off all means of retreat to show one's determination to press ahead
  • 破除迷信
    [idiom]abolish away with rid of all fetishes and superstitions
  • 破绽百出
    [idiom]full of contradictions
  • 破罐破摔
    [idiom]smash a pot to pieces just because it's cracked—write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly
  • 破旧立新
    [idiom]destroy the old and establish the new

Similar-form characters to 破

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • force; urgent
  • soul; vigor
  • dregs of grain left after distilling alcohol
  • used as a component of 琥珀
  • Chinese hackberry