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  • 1

    n.main room of a house; hall

    • táng wū

      main room

    • dēng táng rù shì

      have profound scholarship

    • huān jù yī táng

      have a joyous gathering

  • 2

    n.room for a specific purpose

    • fó táng

      family hall for worshipping Buddha

    • kè táng


    • shí táng

      dining room

  • 3

    n.datedcourtroom in a yamen

    • gōng táng

      law court

    • shēng táng

      open court session

    • dà táng

      court of law

  • 4

    n.used in the names of shops

    • tóng rén táng


      Tongren Drugstore

  • 5

    adj.relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather or great-grandfather

    • táng xiōng

      elder cousin

    • táng dì

      younger cousin

    • táng shū

      paternal male first cousin once removed

  • 6

    measure wordmeasure word for classes, trials,etc.

    • yǐ jīng guò le liǎng táng


      already made two court appearances

  • 7


    • lìng táng

      your mother

Words and phrases with 堂

  • 堂弟
    [word]male cousin on the male side
  • 堂戏
    [word]performance at a home gathering; local style of opera originating from Hubei province
  • 堂叔
    [word]one's father's younger male cousin
  • 堂亲
  • 堂族
    [word]members of the same clan
  • 堂会
    [word]family entertainment party
  • 堂奥
    [word]the innermost recess of a house; hinterland
  • 堂倌
  • 堂妹
    [word]younger female cousin
  • 堂堂正正
    [idiom]open and aboveboard; imposing
  • 堂堂之阵
    [idiom]an imposing array of troops
  • 堂而皇之
    [idiom]openly; imposing
  • 堂堂仪表
    [idiom]dignified in appearance

Word usage

  • "堂" is often matched with measure word "间".
    • one hall of fame

Similar-form characters to 堂

Chinese Characters with pinyin táng

  • exaggerative; for nothing
  • sugar; sugar
  • dyke; pond
  • birchleaf pear
  • ward off; evade