HCPS Textbook 3B

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Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 3B.

cóngcrowd together; clump

réngremain; yet

zǎison; young man

rènundertake; assume a post

fènshare; portion

shǐ使send; make

liǎtwo; a few

jiàholiday; leave of absence

tōusteal; thief

yǎngraise; support

màorise up; run a risk

juécertainly; decide the final result

sharp; smooth

be engaged in; affair

dānsingle; thin

boused as a component of 萝卜

yìnprint; conform

quèdrive back; decline

lavatory; mingle with

each/every; respectively


howl; the sound of wind etc.

yǎobite; bark


zuǐmouth; something like a mouth

quānring; group

used as a component of 垃圾

used as a component of 垃圾

tángmain room of a house; courtroom in a yamen

jìngborder; place

gòuquite; reach

fèncheer up; rock

as; according to

chǒngbestow favour on

jìnfinish; reach the limit

fèidecline; waste

linear measure; degree of hardness, heat, density, humidity

yǐndraw a bow; stretch out

certainly; have to

rěnbear; bring oneself to

jīngbe frightened; alarm

mànslow; rude

suǒplace; used in the names of institutions

dǒutremble; shake


zhāobeckon; enlist

gǎnhave the courage; brave

sàndisperse; distribute

jīnax; jin, a unit of weight

duànbreak; cut/break off

flag; "Eight Banners"

àntable; wooden saucer for serving meals

deceive; bully

yán沿edge; along

dònghole; clear

làngwave; unrestrained

qīngunmixed; silent

lake; another name for Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province

huáslide; slippery

tānbeach; shoal

huīash; dust


huánring; link

píngbottle; the quantity contained in a bottle, vase or jar

tòngache; sadness

shùupright; from top to bottom

jiǎnsimple; simplify

xiāngchest; anything in the shape of a box

belly; heart

chòustinky; disgusting

luótrailing plants

suīdespite the fact that; even though



fēngwasp; bee

honey; honey-like things

dàibag; used for pipe smoking

count; total

tǎorule; send armed forces to suppress

lùnopinion; discussion

shèset up; place

riddle; enigma

carry on the back or shoulder; shoulder


fèicost; fee

chāoexceed; go beyond

step on; go to the spot


ruǎnsoft; mild

táorun away; dodge

open country; rough

dǐngpeak; carry on the head

await; have to

something small and round; used for small, round things

wèiraise; send food into the mouth of a person

non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times; introduced from abroad or by ethnic groups living in northern and western parts of China

tiger; brave

pēnspurt; spray


zuāndrill; study intensively