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  • 1

    v.practise; learn; study; exercise; review

    • xí yì

      learn a skill or craft

    • xí wǔ

      practice the martial arts

    • xué xí


  • 2

    v.get accustomed to; be used to; become familiar with

    • xí yǐ wéi cháng

      be accustomed to

    • xí fēi chéng shì

      grow accustomed to what is wrong and accept it as right

  • 3

    n.habit; custom; usual practice

    • è xí

      bad habit

    • lòu xí

      bad custom

    • jī xí

      longstanding practice

    • chéng xí

      become a custom

  • 4

    n.Xi, a surname

Words and phrases with 习

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • make a surprise attack/assault on; copy
  • mat; seat
  • daughter-in-law
  • war proclamation; make a war proclamation
  • swamp; newly-reclaimed land