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  • 1

    adv.mutually; reciprocally; at/to/with/for/from each other

    • xiāng shì ér xiào

      look and smile at each other

    • fù qīn sǐ le wǒ hé mǔ qīn xiāng yōng ér qì


      When my father died, my mother and I hugged each other and cried.

    • sù bù xiāng shí

      not know each other

  • 2

    prep.indicating an action done by one person to another

    • shí bù xiāng mán

      tell you the truth

    • hǎo yán xiāng quàn

      advise with kind words

    • lìng yǎn xiāng kàn

      look upon somebody with special respect

  • 3

    v.evaluate by seeing for oneself; see for oneself (whether somebody or something is to one's liking)

    • xiāng nǚ xù


      assess the suitability of a prospective son-in-law or husband

    • xiāng bù zhòng

      not at all to one's liking

    • xiāng qīn

      take a look at one's prospective son-in-law or daughter-in-law

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Word usage

  • Note
    When pronounced as "xiāng", "相" means "have a careful scrutiny in person". When pronounced as "xiàng", "相" means "appraise/assess by scrutinizing closely", and "相" also means "appearance".

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Chinese Characters with pinyin xiāng

  • fragrant; savoury
  • township; native place
  • chest; anything in the shape of a box
  • Xiang Jiang River; another name for Hunan Province
  • assist