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  • 1

    v.filial piety; filial obedience; do/perform one's filial duty

    • xiào zǐ

      dutiful son

    • xiào nǚ

      filial daughter

    • xiào shì rén lún zhī běn dào dé zhī yuán


      The filial piety is foundation of the human relations and the source of the moral.

  • 2

    n.mourning; conventional mourning rites for a deceased elder member of one's family

    • shǒu xiào

      observe mourning

    • xiào mǎn

      leave off mourning

  • 3

    n.mourning apparel; mourning dress; mourning clothes

    • dài xiào

      in mourning

    • chuān xiào


      wear mourning

Words and phrases with 孝

  • 孝经
    [word]The Book of Filial Piety
  • 孝心
    [word]filial sentiments
  • 孝子
    [word]dutiful son; son in mourning for their parents
  • 孝养
    [word]respect and care for
  • 孝男
    [word]bereaved son
  • 孝顺
    [word]perform one's filial duty
  • 孝敬
    [word]show filial respect to; give a present
  • 孝廉
    [word]criteria for selecting officials; holder of second-degree scholarly title in the Ming and Qing dynasties
  • 孝堂
    [word]hall or parlour where the coffin is placed
  • 孝思不匮
    [idiom]forever filial
  • 孝子贤孙
    [idiom]a fine son
  • 孝悌忠信
    [idiom]loyalty and filial piety

Similar-form characters to 孝

Chinese Characters with pinyin xiào

  • smile; ridicule
  • follow the example of; devote to
  • school; field grade officer
  • resemble
  • roar; heavy breathing