Yu Wen Grade 3(B)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 3(B).

dàihistorical period; era

jiàprice; value

fǎng仿resemble; imitate

lúnmatch; human relationships

língactor or actress


go against

used as a component of 伶俐

juàntired; be weary of

xiōngelder brother; elder male relative of the same generation

hope; another name for Hebei Province

jiǎnsubtract from the total or a certain number; decrease

fángeneral idea; this mortal world

chuàngachieve; creative

jiàngcraftsman; person of remarkable achievements in a particular field

previous; one by one


shǐhistory; official in charge of historical records

mandarin; minor official

woman; married woman

sòngSong, a state in the Zhou Dynasty; Song Dynasty

gōngimperial palace; the first note in ancient Chinese music, equivalent to "doe"

cùncun; very little

zūnrespect; senior

massacre; a surname

chóngesteem; lofty

ruòweak; young

record; record

dàiwait for; be about to


tàiform; voice

yuànresentment; blame

huìbenefit; grant a favour




gǒngcup one hand in the other before the chest; encircle

zhēngstruggle; stab

lāoscoop up from a liquid; get by improper means

lüètake up; scud


yuánhold; cite

xiécarry; take somebody by the hand

tānspread out; vendor's stand

kūnelder brother; offspring

zhìwisdom; resourceful

lánrailing; pen

ōuEurope; a surname

zhānmoisten; be stained with

zhōucontinent; sand bar

cross a river; aid

bank; boundary


yàngripple; brim over

tend; a surname


hénmark of a wound; trace

zhòucrease; wrinkle up

benefit; beneficial

xiāblind; groundlessly

mediocre; busy

shèagency; people's commune

xiānfine; fibre

luònet-like things; subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, blood and nutriment circulate

chóusilk fabric

bind fast

liáoentwine; stitch

guànpot; coal tub

piānfly swiftly

wing; assist

zhàngexpand; swell

membrane; thin coating

péngfleabane; fluffy

càia state in the Zhou Dynasty; a surname

empty; humble

count; total


túnsuckling pig


gòngpay tribute to the court by a subject or a vassal state; articles of tribute

fànbuy to resell; trader

dàiborrow or lend; loan

money and goods; expenses

distance; be at a distance from

force; press on towards

zūnabide by

pèijoin in marriage; spouse


shìexplain; dispel

xiánnot busy; not in use

táoearthenware; a surname


jiāoproud; strong

yànprove effective through practice; examine

húnsoul; mood

yāngused as a component of 鸳鸯

yuānmandarin duck

kuǎnsincere; leisurely

revive; perilla

hénghorizontal; transverse