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  • 1

    v.force; compel

    • wǒ bī tā chéng nuò


      I squeezed a promise from him.

    • jiā rén bī tā xué yī


      His families pushed him to study medicine.

    • tā ná qiāng bī tā jiāo qián

      He forced her at gun point to give him her money.

  • 2

    v.fmlpress on towards; advance on

    • tā men jǐn bī dí rén


      They pressed the enemy hard.

    • dí rén zhí bī chéng xià


      The enemy pressed up to the city wall.

    • dà jūn yǐ bī chéng jiāo


      The army has already advanced on the suburbs.

  • 3

    v.exert pressure for; extort

    • bī zū

      press for quick payment of a rent

    • bī zhài

      press for debt repayment

    • bī gōng

      press somebody into confession

  • 4

    adj.fmlnarrow; cramped

    • bī zè


Words and phrases with 逼

  • 逼问
    [word]force somebody to answer
  • 逼抢
  • 逼勒
  • 逼供
    [word]press somebody into confession
  • 逼仄
  • 逼迫
  • 逼走
    [word]force to leave
  • 逼死
    [word]push somebody to suicide
  • 逼肖
    [word]be identical in looks
  • 逼良为娼
    [idiom]force young girls of good families to prostitute themselves; force an honest person to commit crimes
  • 逼上梁山
    [idiom]be driven to join the Liangshan rebels
  • 逼人太甚
    [idiom]press people too hard

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