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    adj.inner; in; (as opposed to outside) inside

    • tā zhù zài chéng lǐ

      He lives in the town.

    • pí xiāng lǐ shì shén me


      What's in the suitcase?

    • lǐ wū hěn nuǎn huo


      The inside room is very warm.

  • 2

    n.inside (of clothing, garment, etc.); inner lining

    • tā bǎ chèn shān lǐ chuān wài miàn le


      He's wearing the shirt inside out.

  • 3


    • lǐ lòng


  • 4

    n.fmlhometown; native place

    • xiāng lǐ

      home village

  • 5

    n.archa collection of 25 households in ancient Chinese civil administration

  • 6

    measure worda traditional unit of length

    • yī lǐ dì

      1 li

Words and phrases with 里

  • 里边
  • 里程碑
    [word]milestone; milestone in the course of historical development
  • 里昂
    [word]a city in France
  • 里屋
    [word]inner room
  • 里弦
    [word]thicker inner string on the huqin
  • 里子
  • 里居
    [word]leave office and return to live in one's home village; live in the countryside/a rural area
  • 里脊
  • 里海
    [word]Caspian Sea
  • 里外夹攻
    [idiom]attack from within and without
  • 里应外合
    [idiom]make use of inside assistance for an attack from outside
  • 里通外国
    [idiom]have traitorous connections with a foreign country
  • 里里外外
    [idiom]inside and outside
  • 里勾外连
    [idiom]be in collusion between forces within and without
  • 里挑外撅
    [idiom]be double-faced
  • 里出外进

Similar-form characters to 里

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • cut the jade from the ore; manage
  • plum; plum tree
  • ceremony; courtesy
  • carp
  • lithium