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    adj.(of weather, environment, etc.) warm and nice; comfortably warm; snug

    • yīn wèi wǒ men jiā yǒu nuǎn qì suǒ yǐ dōng tiān hěn nuǎn huo


      With central heating, our house is very warm in winter.

    • chūn tiān tiān qì yuè lái yuè nuǎn huo le


      It's getting warmer day by day in spring.

    • wài bian de tiān qì zhēn nuǎn huo


      The weather's really warm outside.

    • nuǎn huo de tiān qì


      warm weather

  • 2

    v.warm (up)

    • kuài jìn wū nuǎn huo nuǎn huo bā


      Come in and warm yourself!

    • hē bēi chá nuǎn huo nuǎn huo ba


      Have a cup of tea to warm yourself up!

    • tā ràng nǚ hái zài huǒ lú biān nuǎn huo yī xià


      He asks the girl to warm by the stove.

Word usage

  • "暖和" can be reduplicated, for example: "暖暖和和","暖和暖和".
    • 他们毯子

      They lay snug and warm amid the blankets.

    • 咖啡暖和暖和!

      Have a cup of coffee to warm yourself up.