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  • 1; peel; rind; shell; husk

    • chī táo qián xiān bō diào pí

      Take the skin off the peach before you eat it.

    • shé měi nián tuì yī cì pí

      Serpents cast their skin once a year.

    • zhè xié bù hé jiǎo bǎ pí dōu mó diào le

      The shoe fits badly and has rubbed the skin.

  • 2


    • xiàng pí


    • pí jīn

      rubber band

    • jiāo pí


  • 3

    adj.naughty; mischievous

    • zhè hái zi zhēn pí


      What a naughty child!

    • tiáo pí


    • wán pí


  • 4

    n.cover; wrapper; surface

    • jiǎo zi pí


      dumpling wrapper

  • 5

    n.broad, flat piece (of some thin material); thin sheet

    • tiě pí

      iron sheet

  • 6

    v.sticky; (of food) become soft and soggy; be no longer crisp

    • bǐng gān pí le chī qǐ lai bù xiāng


      The biscuits have gone soft and aren't tasty any more.

  • 7

    v.(of things) durable; enduring; hard-wearing; (of people) robust; sturdy; strong

    • tā lǎo ái fá dōu pí le


      He gets punished so often that he no longer cares.

Words and phrases with 皮

Word usage

  • "皮" is often matched with measure word "层"or"张".
    • one layer of leather

    • one piece of leather

Similar-form characters to 皮

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • spleen
  • exhausted; slump
  • used as a component of 啤酒
  • be adjacent to
  • used as a component of 琵琶