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    auxiliary word(used after a verb or an adjective to indicate the completion of an action or a change)

    • xiǎo zǔ shòu dào le biǎo yáng


      This group has been commended.

    • chē zhàn shang jǐ mǎn le rén


      People crowded the railway station.

    • nǐ shuā yá le ma


      Have you cleaned your teeth?

    • shuǐ wèi yǐ jīng dī le


      The water level has dropped.

  • 2

    auxiliary word(used at the end of a sentence or a pause in the middle of a sentence to indicate a change or a new situation)

    • chūn tiān le táo huā dōu kāi le


      In spring, peach blossoms are in full bloom.

    • tā zhī dào le yī dìng hěn gāo xìng


      He will also be very happy if he hears this news.

    • yǔ tíng le zài zǒu ba

      You'd better leave till the rain stops.

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