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  • 1

    v.ride (an animal or bicycle); sit on the back of

    • zhè ge mó tuō chē nǐ qí de zěn me yàng


      How do you get on with the motorcycle?

    • hái zi qí zài fù qīn de jiān bǎng shang


      The child is riding on his father's shoulders.

    • tā bǎ mǎ qí de lèi sǐ le

      She rode her horse to death.

  • 2 or other animals one rides

    • zuò qí


  • 3

    n.cavalryman; horseback rider

    • chē qí

      horse and carriage

    • qí bīng


  • 4


    • qí fèng

      seal across two sheets of paper

    • kuà qí mǎ shang

      straddle a horse


Words and phrases with 骑

  • 骑楼
    [word]terrace; arcade house with a covered walkway beneath it
  • 骑驴找驴
    [word]look for the horse one is riding; sit on a horse and look for another
  • 骑自行车
    [word]ride on a bicycle
  • 骑术
    [word]equestrian skill
  • 骑警
    [word]horseback/mounted police
  • 骑在头上
    [word]lord it over
  • 骑墙
    [word]sit on the fence/hedge
  • 骑缝线
  • 骑手
  • 骑虎难下
    [idiom]have no way to back down
  • 骑驴觅驴
    [idiom]forget what one already has
  • 骑虎之势
  • 骑者善堕
    [idiom]The best riders get the most falls.
  • 骑马找马
    [idiom]sit on the very horse one is looking for—look for something that is right under one's nose; hold on to one job while seeking for a better one

Similar-form characters to 骑

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • such; he
  • strange; unexpected
  • even; reach the height of
  • flag; "Eight Banners"
  • chess or any board game; chess piece