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  • 1

    n.chess or any board game; game of go

    • wǒ yào cān jiā qí lèi bǐ sài


      I want to participate in a chess game.

    • tā yíng yī pán qí

      He won a game of chess.

    • tā zài xià qí

      He is playing chess.

  • 2

    n.chess piece

    • luò qí wú huǐ

      no retraction of a chess move

Words and phrases with 棋

  • 棋局
    [word]composition; chessboard
  • 棋式
  • 棋坛
    [word]chess circles
  • 棋子
    [word]chessman; pawn
  • 棋苑
    [word]chess circles
  • 棋盘花
  • 棋锋
    [word]brilliance shown in playing chess
  • 棋艺
    [word]skill in playing chess
  • 棋谱
    [word]chess manual
  • 棋布星罗
    [idiom]spread out and scatter about like stars in the sky or chessman on the chessboard
  • 棋高一着
    [idiom]outmatch one's opponent; have a better skill, idea or approach than others
  • 棋逢对手
    [idiom]diamond cuts diamond
  • 棋逢敌手
    [idiom]be well-matched in a contest

Word usage

  • "棋" is often matched with measure word "盘"or"步"or"副".
    • one game of chess

    • one move

    • one set of chess

Similar-form characters to 棋

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • such; he
  • strange; unexpected
  • even; reach the height of
  • ride; horse or other animals one rides
  • flag; "Eight Banners"