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  • slbe steadily on the increase; be daily on the increase

    • xué xí yīng yǔ de rén zhèng yǔ rì jù zēng


      The number of people learning English is on the increase.

    • zhè liǎng guó jiān de wén huà jiāo liú zhèng zài yǔ rì jù zēng


      Cultural exchanges between the two countries are increasing with each passing day.

    • tā de xìn xīn zhèng yǔ rì jù zēng


      As the days progressed, his confidence increased.

    • tā de shì lì zhèng yǔ rì jù zēng


      His power is augmenting daily.

    • yāo qiú diào dòng gōng zuò de yuán gōng yǔ rì jù zēng


      The number of those who ask for transfer is on the increase.

    • zhēng qǔ dú lì de dòu zhēng shì tóu zhèng yǔ rì jù zēng


      The struggle for independence is gaining momentum every day.

    • tā de zhī shi hé jīng yàn zhèng yǔ rì jù zēng


      His knowledge and experience increase with his days.

    • zhù wǒ men liǎng guó de yǒu yì yǔ rì jù zēng


      May the friendship between our two countries grow with each passing day.

    • wǒ duì tā de ài mù yǔ rì jù zēng


      My infatuation with her continued to grow.

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  • Note
    "与日俱增" is often used for human emotions or other things.