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  • 1; airborne matter formed of water droplets and ice particles

    • yún yǐ jīng xiāo sàn


      The clouds have been dissipated.

    • kōng qì zhōng de shuǐ biàn chéng le yún


      The water in the air becomes clouds.

    • jīn tiān yún bù duō yīng gāi bù huì xià yǔ


      There is not so much cloud, so it shouldn't rain today.

  • 2

    v.fmlsay; speak

    • rén yún yì yún

      repeat what others say

  • 3

    auxiliary word(auxiliary word in classical Chinese); particle used at the beginning, middle or end of a phrase

    • suì yún mù yǐ

      The year is drawing to its end.

    • shì qì shèn shèng yún


      The army's morale is very high!

  • 4

    n.abbrshort for Yunnan Province; abbreviation for 云南

    • yún tuǐ

      Yunnan ham

    • yún nán



  • 5

    n.Yun, a surname

Words and phrases with 云

Word usage

  • "云" is often matched with measure word "朵"or"片"or"块".
    • one piece of cloud

    • one piece of cloud

    • one piece of cloud

Similar-form characters to 云

Chinese Characters with pinyin yún

  • even; even up
  • rue
  • skin of a bamboo; bamboo
  • sunlight
  • a word used in a person's name