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    pron.fml(used as the object of a verb to refer back to what has been mentioned previously) him, her or it

    • tā nù ér shì zhī

      He looked at it angrily.

    • wú bù wèi zhī xīng fèn


      Everybody feels excited about it.

    • qiú zhī bù dé

      more than one could wish for

  • 2

    auxiliary wordfml(particle used between an attribute and the word it modifies)

    • qīng zhī guò yě

      It is your fault.

    • yuǎn chù chuán lái guǎn xián zhī shēng


      The sound of the orchestra comes from the distance.

    • tā jué xīn zhī dà lìng rén pèi fú


      We all admired his great determination.

  • 3

    v.fmlgo to; leave for

    • bù zhī rǔ zhī suǒ zhī

      I don't know where you have been.

    • rǔ jiāng hé zhī

      Where are you bound for?

    • yóu wǎn zhī hù

      go from Anhui to Shanghai

  • 4

    pron.fmlthis or that

    • zhī rén yě

      this type of man

    • zhī èr chóng

      these two creatures

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Chinese Characters with pinyin zhī

  • know; knowledge
  • branch; the twelve Earthly Branches
  • fat; rouge
  • weave; knit
  • branch;