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  • 1

    v.fmlknow; realize; be aware of; understand

    • wú suǒ bù zhī

      know everything

    • zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī

      known to all

    • zhī wú bù yán

      speak without reserve

  • 2

    n.knowledge; information; learning

    • qiú zhī

      seek knowledge

    • wú zhī


    • zhī shi


  • 3

    v.inform; notify; tell

    • gào zhī


    • tōng zhī


    • zhī zhào


  • 4

    n.fmlbosom/intimate friend

    • xīn zhī

      newly-acquired bosom friend

    • zhī yǒu

      close friend

  • 5

    v.fmladminister; be in charge of

    • zhī fǔ

      magistrate of a district

    • zhī xiàn

      county magistrate

Words and phrases with 知

  • 知母
    [word]wind-weed; rhizome of wind-weed
  • 知命
    [word]know one's destiny; fifty years old
  • 知交
    [word]bosom friend
  • 知遇
    [word]have found a patron or superior appreciative of one's ability
  • 知识
    [word]knowledge; pertaining to knowledge, learning or culture
  • 知识青年
    [word])school graduates
  • 知州
    [word]magistrate of a prefecture
  • 知府
    [word]magistrate of a prefecture
  • 知事
    [word]county magistrate
  • 知行合一
    [idiom]Knowledge and action should go hand in hand.
  • 知己知彼
    [idiom]know yourself and know your enemy
  • 知书达理
    [idiom]be well-educated and show a good sense of judgement
  • 知无不言
    [idiom]be very frank
  • 知法犯法
    [idiom]deliberately break the law
  • 知人善任
    [idiom]place people where they can put their abilities into full play
  • 知难而退
    [idiom]beat a retreat in the face of difficulties
  • 知遇之恩
    [idiom]gratitude for somebody who is appreciative of one's ability
  • 知难而进
    [idiom]advance despite difficulties

Similar-form characters to 知

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhī

  • go; this or that
  • branch; the twelve Earthly Branches
  • fat; rouge
  • weave; knit
  • branch;