HCPS Textbook 4B

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 4B.

zhànga unit of length equal to 3.3333 metres; measure

zhīgo; this or that

pīngping; table tennis


inferior; Asia

xiānimmortal; master

lìngorder; order

yōuample; give preferential/special treatment


chōngsufficient; fill

bīngweapons; troops

diǎnstandard work of scholarship; regulations

guànput on a hat; precede

xiōnginauspicious; famine

lièarrange; rank

shèngbe left over; surplus

běinorth; be defeated

chíspoon; spoonful

nánsouth; southern part of China

zhànseize; constitute

press; cover

chúchef; kitchen

pot; used for vessels

xiàsummer; Xia Dynasty

jiǎngreward; reward

niángmum; a form of address for an elderly married woman


qiǎoskilful; clever

mat; seat

táncatapult; flick

angry; be angry

liánpity; love

huāngflurried; unbearably

kángshoulder; undertake independently

chéngbear; undertake

chāitake apart; dismantle

resist; refuse

tuōdrag; delay

bàido/make obeisance; make a courtesy call

quánfist; curl

tiāocarry things on either end of a shoulder pole; choose

shuāifall; hurtle down

qiāoknock; overcharge

brigade; forces

not have; no

already; since

chūnspring; a year

xiǎnapparent; show

jǐngsituation; view

qu; song

cháocourt; dynasty

qiāngspear; rifle

guìcabinet; cashier's office

zhùpillar; object shaped like a column

qiànyawn; lack


this; now

quánspring; mouth of a spring

sprinkle; descend in scattered drops or particles

mànoverflow; be all over the place

lièintense; strong

fánrestless; be tired of

jiāoburnt; dry

shuǎngbright; frank

qínqin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither; general name for certain musical instruments

zàoblack; menial servant

shèngexuberant; vigorous

cǎitake notice of

dèngopen wide; glare with displeasure

xiùput forth flowers or ears; elegant

qiūharvest season; autumn

miǎosecond; second


jìngfinish; throughout


fěncosmetic powder; powder

discipline; age

shàocarry on; a place in Zhejiang Province

juécut off; exhausted

twist hempen thread; accomplishment

suōcontract; draw back

xiūshy; make somebody feel ashamed

kěnagree; be willing to

shūstretch; easy


pángused as a component of 螃蟹





shǎnggrant a reward; reward

fast; speed



lǐngneck; collar

piāowave to and fro; unsteady

call names; scold


jièlie between; take seriously

bēnrun quickly; escape in a hurry