HSK level VI

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 6.

sànglose; die

réncompassionate; benevolence

chóuenemy; hatred


yǎngface upward; admire

wěifalse; illegal


jiāngstiff; deadlocked

shòuanimal; savage

kānprint; correct

gōucancel; draw

zhuóoutstanding; tall and erect/upright

tūnswallow; take possession of

āipity; grieved

slave; deferential term of self-address for a young woman

tuǒappropriate; finished

yīngbaby; be hindered by

zháiresidence; stay

suitable; suit

xiànstatute; constitution

shīperson representing spirit of the dead person during sacrifices; corpse

bend; in the wrong

tread on; shoe

used to form rhetorical questions

fēngthings shaped like a peak; summit

bēngcollapse; burst

gǒngconsolidated; a surname


overflow; full

apprentice; believer

invite or ask for; offend

fènanger; be angry

kind; love

chětug; tear off

comfort; protect


draw up; intend


yuánhold; cite

xiécarry; take somebody by the hand

chēngsupport; push or move with a pole

wàngprosperous; plenty

jìngo ahead; promote

bǎngname list; announcement

húnmuddy; muddle-headed

jìnsoak; saturate

catch fish; take something one is not entitled to

canal; big

multiply; increase

yáninflammation; a legendary ruler of China

zhàexplode; blast

tend; a surname


chàngsmooth; free

shūdredge; neglect

zhòucrease; wrinkle up

dàosteal; thief

mángblind; one who lacks knowledge

shùnwink; twinkling

xuécave; hole

yuánalong; because of

gēngplough; take up

hàoconsume; bad news

zhīfat; rouge

téngrise; gallop

chénan official under a feudal ruler; your servant

méngcover; suffer from

zhēngevaporate; steam

mánancient name for southern nationalities; fierce

overturn; perish

móuwork for; stratagem

gamble; bet

làihinge on; rascally

zènggive as a present

attend; swim

step on; go to the spot

guǐrail; course

hōngbang; rumble

huībrightness; shine

liáoLiao Dynasty; the Liaohe River

qiānmove; change

meet; counter

yáodistant; distant

strongly fragrant; lush

jǐnbrocade; bright and beautiful

lónggrand; prosperous

diāovulture; carving

huòquickly; sound of grinding knives


jǐngneck; neck-shaped thing


drive; run quickly

húnsoul; mood

qiǎngmake an effort

sǎnloose; medicinal powder

jīnbear; contain/restrain oneself


lángan official title in imperial times; my darling, used by a woman in addressing her husband or lover

dīngnail; follow closely

zuāndrill; study intensively