HSK level VI

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 6.

crow; a surname

breast; feed with milk

ceremony; gift

side; lean

qīninvade; move/advance gradually

qīngslant; collapse

piāninclining to one side; partial

níngcongeal; intently

fángeneral idea; this mortal world

xíngpunishment; torture

compound; medication

auspicious; short for Jilin Province

jūnmonarch; gentleman

chénghand in/submit/present to a superior; assume

tángexaggerative; for nothing

shèngholy; sage

àoabstruse; the southwestern corner or the innermost part of a house

niángmum; a form of address for an elderly married woman

orphaned; orphan

zōngancestor; clan

shěnexamine; careful

gōngimperial palace; the first note in ancient Chinese music, equivalent to "doe"

God; emperor

zhuāngsolemn; a surname

liánhonest and clean; low-priced

separate; different

angry; be angry

ēngrace; love

jiésever; check

curb; or

support; resist

tuōdrag; delay

tànvisit; scout

gōngattack; accuse

this; then

bàosudden and violent; cruel

birch-leaf pear; a surname

desire; wish

cándamage; cruel


sink; over flow

yán沿edge; along

wave; the spread of vibration within medium

tàisafe; arrogant

float; swim

shèwade; experience

hùnmix; pass for

gǎngport; airport

lake; another name for Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province


qiánhide; go underwater

jiāoburnt; dry

bàoexplode; occur unexpectedly

fànoffend; criminal

měngfierce; energetic

gānsweet; pleasant

tiánfield; an area rich in reserves or deposits

rapid; disease


huánggrand; emperor

shèngexuberant; vigorous

grandfather; ancestor

chènfit; suitable

fěncosmetic powder; powder

jiūentangle; gather together

xiānfine; fibre

zuìillegal activity; fault

zhìplace; set up

zhǒngswell; swelling

become rotten/putrid; stale

belly; belly

ruòappear; you

no one; not

méngsprout; start

dǒngdirect; director

approach; meagre

róngmelt; blend

yòuguide; lure

zhūall; at

pínpoor; deficient

guànpass through; be linked together

force; press on towards

zāomeet with; time

zhènga vassal state in the Zhou Dynasty; a surname

open country; rough

jiànmirror; object lesson

zhèngarrison post; town

nàonoisy; make a noise

yǐnhide from view; latent

nàndisaster; take to task

dew; outside a house, a tent, having no covering above

éforehead; top part of something

raise; forage

zhùhalt; encamp

devil; wicked force

hope earnestly; cling to

revive; perilla

bēnrun quickly; escape in a hurry

níngpeaceful; pacify

ěfeel nauseated; disgusting