HSK level VI

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 6.

qiūmound; grave

tíngpavilion; stall

zhuàncommentaries on classics; biography

xiáchivalrous; chivalrous man

qiáoreside in a foreign country; person living abroad

bow; condescend to

scholar; Confucianism

yuānwrong; fool

chàBuddhist monastery or temple

pōucut open; analyse

kānproofread; investigate

bēilow; inferior in quality

xièremove; unhitch


diéfold; pile up

dīngsting; admonish


zàochirp; make noise

dam; dyke

lǒngraised path between fields; ridge



diànestablish; make offerings to the dead

wàngabsurd; presumptuous

zhuāngwoman's personal adornments; trousseau


sǎoelder brother's wife; sister

be jealous; hate

qǐnbedroom; sleep

government bureau in ancient China; mosque

gānawkward situation; unnatural

time and again

cháonest of a bird; burrow

miàotemple; temple fair

envy; fear

huǎngsuddenly; not clear


arrest; restrain

jiéwin; swift

jiǎodisturb; mix

combat; beat

apply; spread

zhǎnchop; blackmail

zhǐtasty; aim

hàndry; dry spell

former times

bàoexpose to the sun


zhùpillar; object shaped like a column

gùnstick; treacherous person

diàn殿hall; bring up the rear


xièflow swiftly; have loose bowels

pool; lustrer

háncontain; culvert

kuìburst; break through

zhìstagnate; stagnant


lànexcessive; shoddy

lacquer; coat with lacquer

stove; heat


tānbe physically paralysed; become weak/feeble

méngally; pledge

miáoconcentrate one's gaze on


qínbirds; birds and beasts

dàorice; seeds of rice

shāisieve; separate or sift out coarse particles and retain the fine by means of a sieve or screen

róngfine hair; fine floss for embroidery


zhàocover; shade

fatty; oily


mángChinese silvergrass; beard

mángwidespread and unclear; ignorant

dàngswing; loaf about

wěidecline; wilt

store up; entertain

péngfleabane; fluffy

nüècruel; disaster

wax, including beeswax, white wax and paraffin wax; candle

chǔnwriggle; stupid

fànbuy to resell; trader

zǎiyear; write down

shìpass; die

qiǎnsend; expel

mean; I

fēngthe sharp point or cutting edge of a sword, etc.; vanguard

ruìsharp; rapid

xiángsurrender; subdue

dǒusteep; suddenly

línghill; tomb


hire; hail

hungry; having a famine

ráolet somebody off; rich

míngcry; make a sound

zhástruggle to

xūnsmoke; smoke