HSK level VI

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in HSK level 6.

xiānimmortal; master

lúnmatch; human relationships

eldest among brothers; uncle



chǔstore up; heir

xiōnginauspicious; famine

tànsigh; chant

chúnlip; labium

chuídroop; flow downward

máibury; conceal

tángmain room of a house; courtroom in a yamen

fill in

duótake by force; defeat

fèngpresent; receive

baby; young and pretty girl

jiāotender; pamper

house; space


jiāntiny end; point

fart; bosh

píngscreen; a set of vertically hung scrolls

yáncliff; rock

chóngesteem; lofty

chuānplain; Sichuan Province

xúnround of drinks; make one's rounds

dànpellet; shell



yōusorrow; worry

qiàjust; appropriate

xuánhang; announce

cǎncruel; disastrous

niǔwrench; swing

pāothrow; abandon

draw; draw

dig; scratch with one's fingernail

yǎncover; close

jiētake off; uncover

chèremove; withdraw

xuánrevolve; return

flag; "Eight Banners"

hūndusk; dim

xiǎodawn; know

qu; song

bend; bent

zhāoearly morning; day

jiéprominent; outstanding person

sāngwhite mulberry; a surname

liángroof beam; bridge

miáncotton and kapok; cotton-like floss


matrix; appearance

deceive; bully

huǐdestroy; burn up

hóngbig; flood

spread on; scrawl

yǒngwell; rise


tiānadd; have a baby


guànirrigate; pour

miègo out; extinguish

shuǎngbright; frank

láoenclosure for animals; sacrificial animal

hěnruthless; suppress


zhūpearl; bead

tile; made of baked clay



sparse; rare

riding crop; urge with a horse whip

chóuchip; stratagem

zòngfrom north to south or from south to north; from front to back

stop; dismiss

cāngdark green or blue; grey

huānguncultivated; wasteland


make a surprise attack/assault on; copy

xùninterrogate; message

tell; complain

nuòpromise; yes

valley; Gu, a surname

tānhave an insatiable desire for; seek

chìred; loyal

táoearthenware; a surname

xiànpitfall; be captured/conquered

zhàngobstruct; barrier

standard; odes from the Western Zhou dynasty

leader of an alliance of feudal lords; bully

stupid; rash

black; numerous

zhuàngstrong; magnificent

pàobubble; something shaped like a bubble


gǎnghillock; ridge

mud; mashed mass

rub; grind

jūnfungus; bacterium