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  • up to the standard

    • zhì liàng dá biāo


      The quality is up to the standard.

    • tā de gōng zuò bù dá biāo


      His work is below standard.

    • tā de lùn wén wèi dá biāo


      His dissertation was below the mark.

    • píng gū dá biāo


      reach a certain standard in an assessment

    • tǐ yù dá biāo


      meet the standard for physical education

    • yīng yǔ cè shì dá biāo


      reach a certain standard in an English test

Word usage

  • "达" and "标" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 这里水质没有

      The water quality here has not reached the standard.

    • 产品质量终于

      The quality of the product has finally reached the standard.

    • 如果体能测试不了参加后面考试

      If he can't reach the standard in the physical test, he can't take the next exam.

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