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  • 1; feather

    • zhè lǐ yǒu yī gēn máo


      There is a hair here.

    • zhè lǐ yǒu yī dài róng máo


      There is a bag of fluff here.

    • jī máo méi yǒu shén me yòng chù


      Chicken feathers are useless.

  • 2

    n.infmlmao; fractional Renminbi unit that equals jiao or 0.1 yuan or 10 fen

    • tā gěi le wǒ yī máo qián

      He gave me one mao.

    • tā yī máo qián yě méi yǒu


      He didn't have a dime.

    • wǒ yǒu wǔ máo qián

      I have five mao.

  • 3

    adj.little; small

    • máo zéi


    • máo yā tou


      little girl

    • máo máo yǔ

      small rain

  • 4

    n.mildew; mould

    • tài jiǔ méi jiàn tài yáng dōng xi dōu zhǎng máo le


      The sun hasn't come out for a long time and everything's gone mouldly.

  • 5

    adj.semi-finished; rough

    • máo tiě

      crude iron

    • máo pī

      semi-finished product

  • 6


    • máo zhòng

      gross weight

  • 7

    v.flurried; scared; frightened

    • xià máo le

      be terribly frightened

  • 8

    adj.careless; rash; impetuous

    • máo shǒu máo jiǎo


  • 9

    v.(of currency) be no longer worth its face value

    • qián máo le

      The money has sunk down in value.

  • 10

    n.Mao, a surname

  • 11

    v.dialget angry; flare up

    • rě máo

      get angry

Words and phrases with 毛

Word usage

  • "毛" is often matched with measure word "根"or"撮"or"绺".
    • one feather

    • one pinch of feather

    • one strand of feather

Similar-form characters to 毛

Chinese Characters with pinyin máo

  • spear
  • cogongrass; a surname
  • anchor
  • used as a component of 牦牛
  • bangs