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    adj.salty; salted

    • yú yān de tài xián le

      The fish has been over-salted.

    • cài tài xián le jiǎn zhí bù kě yǐ chī


      This dish is so salty that it's simply inedible.

    • mā ma jiā le yán dàn tā réng bù gòu xián


      Mom added salt but it still wasn't salty enough.

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    adv.fmlall; altogether

    • shǎo zhǎng xián jí

      All the young and old gathered together.

    • lǎo shǎo xián yí

      Suitable for both young and old.

    • xián shòu qí yì

      All benefited from it.

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    n.Xian, a surname

Words and phrases with 咸

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Chinese Characters with pinyin xián

  • not busy; not in use
  • grudge; dislike
  • virtuous and able; worthy person
  • bowstring; string or cord of a musical instrument
  • hold in the mouth; bear