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  • 1

    adj.virtuous and able; worthy

    • xián dé

      virtuous and honorable

    • xián dá

      prominent and worthy

    • xián rén zhì shì


      a person of virtue and ideals

  • 2

    n.worthy person

    • dé xián zhī xǐ

      the happiness of having a talented person

    • xuǎn xián jǔ néng

      recommend a virtuous and talented person

    • rèn rén wéi xián

      appoint people on their merits

  • 3

    adj.resp(used in addressing people of the same or of a younger generation)

    • xián xù


      my good son-in-law

    • xián dì

      my worthy brother

    • xián zhí

      my good nephew

  • 4

    adj.virtuous and talented

    • xián huì


    • xián qī liáng mǔ

      a good wife and kind mother

Words and phrases with 贤

  • 贤哲
    [word]a wise and able/talented person
  • 贤侄
    [word]my worthy nephew
  • 贤才
    [word]capable and virtuous person
  • 贤能
    [word]able and virtuous; able and virtuous person
  • 贤淑
    [word]virtuous, kind-hearted
  • 贤妹
    [word]my worthy sister
  • 贤士
    [word]distinguished men
  • 贤良
    [word]able and virtuous; a person of talents and virtue
  • 贤妻
    [word]good wife; my dear wife
  • 贤妻良母
    [idiom]dutiful wife and loving mother
  • 贤良方正
    [idiom]people of capability and integrity
  • 贤才君子
    [idiom]virtuous and talented person

Similar-form characters to 贤

Chinese Characters with pinyin xián

  • not busy; not in use
  • grudge; dislike
  • all; a surname
  • bowstring; string or cord of a musical instrument
  • hold in the mouth; bear